Thursday, September 14, 2006

as i was walking back to my dorm from my marimba lesson the other day, i happened to glance over at the little tiny pond that's behind one of the dining halls. i got so excited when i saw this flower! it was absolutely perfect, and a photographer's dream come true. i took about fifty shots of the pond, and these are some of the best. they all came out amazingly, it was hard not to just upload them all ^^ but i have class in the morning and it's already 1 am...! So much for that early bedtime i was going for ^^;;


i don't think i could have gotten more perfect symmetry if i tried... this was, of course, by accident. but a happy accident!

picturesque lily pads ^^ all that's missing is a bullfrog...

if you look close, you can see the bee that landed inside the flower as i took this!

playing with composition


Monday, September 11, 2006

a couple weeks ago i went and saw kingsfoil in the SMC. i absolutely fell in love with their music. and to make it even more awesome, i had the pretty snapper camera with me, so that's what these few shots were taken with. this was their "big ending"... i was glad i caught it with the camera! i love this shot...

what a smirk ;)


More of the Sunset

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunset over MU

i was lucky to catch this sunset the other night... i walked out into the hall and noticed that the entire wing was glowing orange, so i quick went back into my room, grabbed my camera, and snapped a couple shots.

i love the way the light plays on the cars in this one...



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