Friday, February 11, 2005

au natural!

i don't think today's update has any real specific catagory, really. except they all have to do with natural landscapes, for the most part... and of course, they were all taken by me! enjoy! ~jewel

a foggy morn...

blur is not always bad =3

an uprooted tree.. massive rootsystem, eh?

blurry sunset

this is one of my more popular pictures (and by popular i mean some guy once told me he was using it as his desktop background ^^ you gotta start somewhere!)

same lake, different view

lake reflections are so serene...

the stream that runs under my favorite bridge

look familiar? this time in spring!

an ant's eye view

x marks the spot!

trinidad beach, treasure lake, pennsylvania

stream by my great-grandparents house in the pocono mountain area

car window scene. just a passing capture, as most of my pictures are. i love this picture...

ski trails on the way to the pocono moutains

this bridge is one of my most favorite photographic spots. it's tucked back behind a sears store on the way to my aunt's house, and i just happened to catch a glimpse of it the one day - i find its simplicity breathtaking. it was built in like 1860 i think, back when they buit bridges like this to make room for the roads and streams, instead of re-routing everything around the railroad...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

fall splendor

today's random theme pictures were taken at sally's house last fall



flowers through sally's car window door. yay for purple!

Monday, February 07, 2005

it's a jungle in here!

okay, maybe not a jungle persay, but nonetheless, today's random theme is : Animals! anyone who knows me knows i have an affinity for the creatures of the earth, as shown in today's segment.



deer in the snow... taken last year

erica's snail friend! taken in Wildwood, NJ, during the TIA finals

bad capture, but i had to zoom in to get a decent shot... i love cougars/mountain lions/pumas, whatever you call 'em... really, big cats of any kind are favorites of mine.

above all creatures on this rock we call home, my ABSOLUTE favorites are river otters. not sea otters, river otters. i love them more than anything else... they're just so adorable and playful and happy and spirited...

reptilian wonders from Hershey. quick quiz: are these crocodiles or alligators? i know, do you?

ducks on a river in Hershey Park, PA. I don't like rollercoasters so i spent the day with my camera while the rest of my family got the crap whipped out of 'em...

okay, who let the cat into the bag?

the other diva of the household, Pepper. she's the lazy fat one that's always tormented by Star...

she's such a lady...

my baby star-girl, modified in Picasa2 (awesome program, get it if you get the chance...)

i know this is a bad picture, taken through my brother's upstairs sceened bedroom window, but i love foxes and to see one this close up was an experiance for me...


this little guy likes to raid our window-pane bird feeder often. it drives the cats nuts. the little chipmunk knows that they two frisky felines on the other side of the glass can't touch him, so he delights in thier torture...

another close encounter of the fuzzy kind

i got amazingly close to this adorable little fella... he just kept munching away at the new growth by this tree in my backyard... that is, until my dad came out and scared him away.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

it will be a rebirth...

i've decided to take the good with the bad. the bad being, of course, the recent hacking that this site suffered, and the good being a chance to start with a new, clean slate with this site. i really wasn't very happy with the direction jewelphoto was taking, and now i get to refine it how it always should have been - just about the pictures.

in order to restore some of the better picture's i've taken in the past, i've decided to do some theme days to get caught up. today's theme is "Sky". anyone who visited jewelphoto prior to the hacking knows that the sky is my favorite photo subject. so, i figured that it would be most appropriate for the rebirth of jewelphoto.

comments are, as always, appreciated, welcomed, and encouraged.


i love sun rays...

outside the school

on the way to school



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