Monday, July 03, 2006

Nashville, TN

This past week I've been in Nashville, TN. My dad had a conference for work so the whole family went along with him. We did a lot during the week, all of which i recorded in a journal i had with me. Sometime in the future i plan on digitizing that journal along with a lot more pictures.

Anyway... here's quite a few of my favorites. This one in particular is my ABSOLUTE favorite. 'Twas taken from the club lounge on the 24th floor of our hotel, on a 4 second shutter delay just after sunset, which is why you can see all the pretty lights.

I plan on getting this framed. =)


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twisty staircase in the library at fisk university

glass bridge at cheekwood botanical gardens

sunset from the club lounge

this place was massive. we didn't actually go inside the entertainment center... but i can't even explain how massive this thing was.

the old... and the new.

the opryland hotel... this place was CRAZY. i mean... it had a friggin' boat ride inside... and this was only in /one/ of the /many/ indoor courtyards. i swear... the place was like Disneyworld... only air conditioned.

inside the opryland hotel.

ray charles' braile playboy. isn't that kind of like... an oxymoron?

country music hall of fame / museum

night club pathway

The American National Bank turned... Tattoo parolor. of course. the logical choice.

the historic ryman auditorium... less than a block from our hotel!


our hotel!

a cd's reflection on the car seat. i was bored =)



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