Thursday, January 12, 2006

the new love of my life... Kyo, my 30 gig video iPod. i had fun doctoring this in picasa, can you tell? ^^

yesterday, as i was bored out of my mind, i decided to take a walk just to simply get out of the house i've been cooped up in for the majority of the past month. here we see a potted plant graveyard...

the ice is still thick enough to hold two cinder blocks, so i don't think spring is coming any time soon...

oh no! the world is splitting in two!

let us have a moment of silence for this poor safari man... he's been taken by the quicksand. look, all that's left is his pith helmet.

play dead! good boy.

this safari man has smartly decided to hide in the garbage can. who knows what sort of horrors wait in the jungle? best to keep out of sight.

now people have taken to spray painting graffitti on the ground... what is this world coming to?

the rare and exclusivly wild Pink Flamingoes... an exciting siting!

Monday, January 09, 2006

i promise, as soon as i get back to campus where there are actually decent things to photograph, i'll start having more regular updates. until then, here are some shots of the kitties to tide you over.

it's very rare you see all three of our cats in the same general vicinity at the same time...but nonetheless, here they are! starting from left - moxie, star, and pepper

she really liked these wreathes my mother had laying near the kitchen. we decided she thought she was out in the "wild jungle"... stupid cat...

moxie eating one of my quote posters...



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